Juanita Irving
Juanita Irving's Fundraiser

Fund-a-Scholar: Donate or start a fundraiser to benefit BSF Scholars and their families!

Help us provide financial assistance and support services to academically motivated underserved students.

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We are fundraising to support our Fund-a-Scholar Program!

We are asking our key supporters to rally their friends, family, and networks to support our Fund-a-Scholar Program. You can donate at the bottom of this page or start your own fundraising page. By becoming a fundraiser for Black Student Fund (BSF), you will help more, and you'll help your friends feel good about doing good.

For over 50 years, the BSF's comprehensive programs have helped underserved students achieve success at local independent schools. Through the Fund-a-Scholar program, BSF can provide much needed financial assistance to our Scholars and their families as we continue to make educational opportunities, professional development, and academic excellence accessible to all children within the Metropolitan area. BSF Scholars graduate high school and college in numbers exceeding national averages for African-American students and students of all backgrounds. A majority of BSF scholars even succeed in obtaining professional degrees.

Over the years, BSF Scholars and families have benefited tremendously from generous donations. These donations have helped create new programs like BSF STEM, provided over $60,000 in tuition assistance scholarships to Scholars in just two years, and helped 99% of BSF high school seniors successfully graduate and attend competitive colleges and universities. With the demand for our services higher than ever, donations to BSF will continue helping students gain educational access.

Starting a fundraiser page is easy to do, and it's fun. We'll even give you all the tools you'll need to make a difference. With your help we can ensure BSF Scholars receive the financial support needed to continue their independent school education and further develop their leadership skills. Only with the help of people like you can we make this a reality!